We took a closer look at the chapters that weave this Spanish fairytale to life.
And then, we brought them home.

Villa Types


Starting from AED

1.53 Million


Starting from AED

1.69 Million


Starting from AED

2.5 Million


AED 20,000



Payment Plan


Where Flowers Bloom

Bloom-adorned and bursting with colour, large walls add a touch of spring to the community all year round, perfectly complementing the brick accentuated villas.

With charming F&B kiosks and comfortable seating sections, the geometrical gardens and open spaces make for the perfect spot for a leisurely evening stroll.

By the Water

With hammock seating, lush green landscapes and a beautiful independent boardwalk from villa to water, your home in Costa Brava is a true reflection of waterfront living at its best.

A Place to Call

Your Own​

It’s your best-kept secret and your showcase to the world. A private wonderland where perfection exists completely for you and yours, and from the music and ambience to the layout and more – it’s a place you’re proud to call your own.


Costa Brava homes showcase life’s little treasures, coming alive as you always wished they would. Luxurious interiors come with an abundance of light, whilst lush gardens promise it all – get-togethers with friends, games with the kids or a quiet moment that’s just for you.

Explore the possibilities that comes with all the space you need and a variety of special features, including rooftop access, a garden water feature, hammock flooring and more.

Designed for entertainment, the Adrenaline Room can be whatever you want it to be – a gamer space with plenty of room for a massive screen, a climbing wall installation, the perfect address for movie nights, a private gym – your options are endless!

Innovatively crafted for the young-at-heart, the three, four and five-bedroom Costa Brava townhouses come together in a symphony of Spanish harmony.


Sophisticated architecture playfully intertwines with modern hues and natural palettes, taking inspiration from earthy tones of beige, white and brown, crafting
living spaces the Spanish coast is well known for.

The Perfect Place

Adjacent to the main DAMAC Lagoons hub and easily accessible from Hessa Street, the Costa Brava community boasts its own water body as well as a host of amenities, activities and experiences, just around the corner.

Townhouses and villas are conveniently located around the community, offering the perfect balance of privacy, fun and adventure to residents.


6 Bedroom

5 Bedroom

5 Bedroom

5 Bedroom

4 Bedroom

3 Bedroom


Description Milestone Event Payment (%)
Deposit Immediate
Within 1 month from sale
1st Installment Within 3 months from sale 5
2st Installment Within 6 months from sale 4
3st Installment Within 9 months from sale 4
4st Installment Within 12 months from sale 4
5st Installment Within 15 months from sale 3
6st Installment Within 18 months from sale 3
7st Installment Within 21 months from sale 3
8st Installment Within 24 months from sale 3
9st Installment Within 27 months from sale 3
10st Installment Within 30 months from sale 3
11st Installment On Completion 50

Note: Booking amount/EOI will be 5%, and balance 10% DP + 4% DLD (14%) will be payable within 30 days.