Unlocking Real Estate Success with KORE's People-First Values

At KORE Real Estate, our philosophy centers around the belief that it’s all about people. We understand that buying and selling real estate in Dubai is not just about transactions; it’s about realizing dreams, achieving success, and pursuing your aspirations. We pride ourselves on fostering lasting relationships with our clients, taking the time to truly understand their unique needs and objectives. Our commitment to people doesn’t stop at our clients; we invest in our team, ensuring that they are equipped to provide top-quality service and professional advice. Through comprehensive professional training programs, we set benchmarks for excellence within the Dubai real estate industry.
Our open and collaborative approach is built on a foundation of trust, honesty, and integrity. These are the values we are best known for. At KORE, we work diligently, sharing our extensive market and industry knowledge with confidence, all while advocating for your best interests. Our mission is simple: we create success. Living and working with purpose means that every interaction with KORE is designed to be a successful one. We extend a helping hand, add value, and elevate those we serve. Our clients rely on us for our knowledge, expertise, and unwavering honesty. Our dedicated team wholeheartedly embraces our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each individual experiences the very best. We understand that genuine relationships, trust, and respect are the keys to helping others achieve their goals.
Our values are deeply embedded in every aspect of our operations, influencing the decisions we make and the actions we take. At KORE Real Estate, these values serve as the bedrock of our success. We place people first because we believe that they are the driving force behind any successful organization. We recognize that life is a journey, and we emphasize the importance of having fun and sharing laughter along the way. Doing the right thing is non-negotiable for us, and we remain committed to making ethical decisions in all circumstances. Courage is another integral part of our identity; it takes courage to consistently do what’s right, to always tell the truth, and to be the best, both as an organization and as individuals. We act with courage in every endeavor, whether it’s a career change, the opening of a new office, or entering a new market or country.

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We are the experts in Dubai’s Residential Sales & Leasing, Short Term & Holiday Rentals, Off Plan & Investments, Property Management & Commercial Properties. Known for our impeccable service standards and professionalism, we are passionate about establishing strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Are you interested in a career in Dubai real estate with plenty of growth opportunities? Then KORE may be a perfect fit for you!

Management Team

Peyman Javaherian

Founder - CEO

Vicky Clark

Operations Manager

Administration Team

Hannah Realubit

Property Administrator

Aaron Dolendo

Admin Assistant

Sales & Leasing Team

Layal Obeid

Sales & Leasing Property Consultant

Sohail Majeed

Sales & Leasing Property Consultant

Ali Farhat

Sales & Leasing Property Consultant

Alina Urmaker

Sales & Leasing Property Consultant

Sharif Soumaida

Sales and Leasing Property Consultant

Natalia Laurova

Sales And Leasing Property Consultant

CRA Team

Raymond Paulo

Client Relation Associate

Kristina Espinosa

Client Relation Associate

Fatima Riaz

Client Relation Associate

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